★FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER$ 100 IN US &JAPAN ★$100ドル以上お買い上げでアメリカ&日本への送料無料!
★FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER$ 100 IN US &JAPAN ★$100ドル以上お買い上げでアメリカ&日本への送料無料!
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期間限定★SNOOPY’S SURF SHOPでお買い上げただいた方全員にオリジナルクリスマスカードをプレゼント!




プレゼント期間:2022年11月25日(金)~12月 25日(日)まで





★Let’s get an original holiday card from SNOOPY’S SURF SHOP


★ For a limited time★Everyone who purchases from SNOOPY’S SURF SHOP will receive an original Christmas card! 

Present period: From 11/25 (Fri) to 12/25 (Sun), 2022      

*Please note that the number is limited and will end as soon as it runs out. 

*Limited to one per person.

 Available at Haleiwa Store, Diamond Head Store, Okinawa Store, mobile sales, and online store.