Happy Birthday Snoopy!

Happy Birthday, SNOOPY!
August 10th is snoopy's Birthday ♪
Free Shipping for Customers WHO PURCHASE OVER $ 50
at Snoopy's Surf Shop's online Store to Celebrate's Birthday.
Period: 8/10 (Tuesday) -8/11 (Wednesday)
Target: USA, Japan
Happy Birthday SNOOPY!
August 10th is Snoopy's birthday♪
happy birthday,SNOOPY!
To commemorate Snoopy's birthday
Snoopy's Surf ShopIn the online store
$50This is a shipping service gift for customers who purchase above.
Please use all means!
period: 8/10(fire)- 8/11(water)
subject:  USA, Japan

(If you purchase more than $ 50 from Hawaii, it will not be available for free shipping. Please understand.)