The North Shore in the northern part of Oahu, Hawaii, is famous as a surfing sanctuary. Surfers from all over the world come to see the high waves that hit the coastline. The people who came to Haleiwa Town, a small town in the center of the North Shore, were friends of PEANUTS during a surf trip.

If you go through H2 north and go through the pineapple fields, you might be able to meet Snoopy on the North Shore.

Hawaii's first PEANUTS Official Shop "SNOOPY' S SURF SHOP"
In addition to surf goods such as surfboards and wetsuits, there are many miscellaneous goods such as design-rich T-shirts, cute roomware, sweets such as Hawaiian-made pancake mix and chocolate, keychains and stickers.

Snoopy is wearing a white T-shirt with a surfboard and the letters JOE SUFER.

Snoopy and his friends continue their journey in search of the Big Wave.

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